A Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation. 13 principles to learn, endorse and share

Publicado: 28 noviembre, 2017 en People-Environment Research Group, TRANSFORMACIÓN SOCIAL
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Picture: TRANSIT Final Conference. Rotterdam, September 2017.

One of the most exciting insigths draw from the TRANSIT- A Theory for Transformative Social Innovation- project I was involved in the last four years is the  “Manifesto for Transformative Social Innovation”, which was produced by the TRANSIT researchers together with activists and practitioners, policymakers and many people involved in the activity developed in the TRANSIT project. 

The aim of this “manifesto ‘in-the-making’ on transformative social innovation towards more sustainable, just and resilient societies” is to unite those people, to identify complementarities, differences, common insights and challenges.

To this end, this manifesto also deliberates what we mean by ‘transformative’ and ‘social’ innovation, what it has to offer and what sets it apart from other types of change or innovation. The purpose of doing so is to formulate a common call for action to create focus and momentum for collaboration.


The MANIFESTO begins at follows:

“An age of contradiction is upon us. People and nature are more globally interconnected than ever before, while also increasingly separated by old and new divisions. Scientific knowledge, technological innovation and legal structures have brought progress and previously unimaginable forms of comfort and entertainment. At the same time, there is severe poverty and inequality, ecological disasters, climate change, biodiversity loss and economic downfalls. The past years have been full of political turmoil over increasing divides in society, manifested in intercultural tensions, ‘post-truth’ media wars, and unprecedented protests and demonstrations. (…). We are writing this manifesto as people who participate, study and support such movements. While they may seem invisible or marginal to many, these communities implement social change everywhere across the globe in neighbourhoods, cities, and rural areas. From community energy initiatives, basic income experiments, cooperative banks and participatory budgeting, to ecovillages, co-working spaces, digital fabrication workshops, sharing platforms, agriculture cooperatives, urban labs and many more (find more examples here). These social innovations are changing social relations, leading to new ways of doing, thinking and organizing, and aiming towards a world based on ecological and human values, nurturing the commons and treasuring basic human rights and democracy”.

The MANIFESTO upholds a set of 13 principles of transformative social innovation:

Endorse the Manifesto


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